You see this a lot when some

Proportions and bone structure of individual bodybuilders will

doing Triceps Pressdowns

make it easier for some to develop good triceps. When doing

Triceps Pressdowns, for example, it is easy for some to isolate the

triceps, while others with different proportions and muscle attachments What exactly is azithromycin? will find themselves involving the pectorals or even

the lats instead of just the triceps.

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You see this a lot when some

bodybuilders try to do Triceps Press downs and end up with a

good chest pump. In a case like this, learning to totally isolate

the triceps becomes extremely important, and can be accomplished by doing One-Ann Dumbbell Extensions or Barbell Triceps Extensions.

Lying Triceps Extensions work the muscle from the elbow to

the rear deltoid, and are also great for developing the triceps for

straight-arm poses.

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One-Arm Triceps Extensions help to develop

the triceps so that they look good when you are doing biceps

shots, with the fullness of the triceps offsetting the peak of the


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Lying Dumbbell Extensions work the outer head of the

triceps to a much greater degree, giving you the shape and thickness you need for total triceps development.

Your hand position makes a difference in how an exercise affects the triceps. If you hold your hand so that the thumb is up,

palm facing the inside, you work the outside of the triceps-as

when doing Triceps Pressdowns holding on to a rope rather than

pressing down on a bar or performing Dumbbell Kickbacks. If

doing Triceps

you turn your hand so that the palm faces straight, as in a French

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