UT-Austin Admissions Tip #6: Starting your essays

hi Kevin Martin here your UT Admissions guy it’s another beautiful and freezing morning here in Riga Latvia a Simon and I woke up this morning and it was five degrees – and Celsius and I have no idea how much that is in Fahrenheit all that I know is it’s really cold and you actually need gloves like this or your hands will freeze and in Texas no one ever taught me how to survive in the cold weather and I didn’t know they made gloves that like actually come apart so you can get things out of your pocket and text on your cell phone and I think that’s really awesome and I’m slowly learning how not to freeze here in the Baltics today I want to answer the question of how do I get started writing my essays in a previous installment I talked about the the later stages of writing and editing and how to craft the ideal or perfect essay and in this video I want to talk about those early stages when you receive an essay prompt about you know why are you choosing this university or what do you want to do five years from now or talk about a time you’ve overcome adversity and these topics are usually really broad and it can be really hard to figure out where to start and so I have four tips to help craft those early stages of your essays so that way you can produce a perfect product in the end first tip I’m going to give you is ask yourself questions for example if an essay prompt asks you to write about a time you’ve overcome adversity ask yourself you know is this something serious or minor is this something that could be funny look back on your own past and and it could be an event as as trivial as you know being too short to reach the cereal box on the top shelf whenever you were whenever you were young it could be as serious as as breaking a bone during you know a football or a basketball game and that leads me to my second tip you know really make the question your own these questions are all about an invitation to write you know sometimes students really concern themselves of whether they’re actually answering the prompter and though that’s an important question to ask it’s more important to make the question your own that should be a question where if it’s asking you about a time where you interacted with a group of people who are different from yourself ask the question and to make it your own and say let me tell you about a time I interacted with a group during a project in my English class and we didn’t get along in the beginning and maybe we came together in the end my third tip is when you’re asking yourself these questions write them out write answers it doesn’t have to be in a perfect essay format for instance if you’re asking yourself you know what difficulties have I faced taking apart and putting together computers just write about that it doesn’t have to be the best writing it doesn’t have to be good writing and that’s my fourth tip is just write so many students in the early phases are so concerned about writing the perfect essay on their first draft and and oftentimes it takes them days or weeks to even get started and and even in my own personal life I have friends who tell me hey Kevin you know I’m thinking about writing a book or you know thinking about writing this killer blog post or or making a video blog and my advice to them is always what have you written and if you haven’t written anything why not and so that’s really the most important thing you can do when writing your college applications is simply write take out a piece of paper open up a Word document and just write whatever comes to mind even if it’s not good it’s always better to take a large amount of writing and cut it down as opposed to taking a small amount of writing and trying to add to it in the future I hope you found this video informative today as always if you have any questions feel free to email me at kevin at text admissions com and if you want me to address any specific questions for you please comment on this video and I’ll address it in a later episode thanks out I hope you have a great day you