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The only thing that I can figure is either they don’t know how, or they are not serious enough about privacy https://coinbreakingnews.info/ to make this improvement. Thank you for bringing light to this issue of their customer service.

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The small number of servers available does not enhance anonymity since there is no much options to connect to in other to spoof your location. The performance will also be affectedbecause many users will be connected to few servers. Air VPN privacy policy is very thorough and honest, and most importantly strictly no logs – no data is collected or stored. They do is airvpn safe not request for information that will breach your privacy and security. VPN service providers know that logging compromise users privacy, and also that no-logs is a fine privacy selling point, so almost all of them claim not to keep logs. However, looking deep into their privacy policy and terms of service do reveal some to keep logs against their no-log claims.

AirVPN is only available in 18 countries, primarily in Europe. However, there are some servers in the US , Canada and Hong Kong. So desire AirVPN not offering a lot of locations you’d think that you wouldn’t be about to unblock geo-restricted sites like Netflix and IPlayer. This client is technical and confusing but has a lot of information and options available that protect you and allow you to surf the internet anonymously . The client can connect you to a server instantly and if you want more security you can lock your network strictly to the VPN. However, the issue is that the client will change your DNS setting and if the client crashes for whatever reason you will have to reset your DNS manually.

However, when you use a premium VPN, this speed difference should be barely noticeable. AirVPN is a reliable, budget-friendly VPN with high-end security features. It offers unlimited bandwidth on 220+ servers across 20 countries. By now, our review has is airvpn safe explained the strengths and drawbacks of this service in great detail. This should help you make your decision regarding the service. If you are still in two minds about AirVPN, you can check some of our other VPN reviews and draw comparisons yourself.

If you’ve never read an AirVPN review up until now, let me tell you – that’s unusual! It’s refreshing to come across a VPN that actually does care about the services that it provides, and takes information security seriously. As well as OpenVPN, AirVPN uses shared IPs and uses perfect forward secrecy which is rarely seen in other VPN services.

Torrenting is one of the services where a VPN is most useful to its users. Many users seek VPN services for entertainment purposes. VPN help accomplish this by making the user appear to be in the location with the desired contents. It is rare to see a service that support devices ranging from computer operating systems to mobile browsers, and also routers.

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All plans allow five simultaneous connections and can be considered cheap when compared to other premium VPN services. This applies even to the monthly option, which costs less than $8 when most competitors charge from $10 to $13 or more. Beyond the ability to climb the Great Firewall, AirVPN is definitely secure enough and should have reasonably good speeds in China. As for other countries where freedom of information is restricted, AirVPN is even a better choice than it is in China.

  • I can begin to understand why this VPN is in a very niche corner because they are not the friendliest of sites.
  • The website is full of information related to VPN and technology, which is great right?
  • You can easily find this information for each best VPN service in our VPN reviews.
  • This website was developed and built by tech-heads with a lot of knowledge about encryption and servers.
  • If the content you want to view is geo-blocked, you can look up which servers the top VPN providers possess and which ones are right for you.

Does Airvpn Have A Free Version?

Just make sure you look at the list of countries where servers are available – if there’s nothing close to your location, speeds may be bad. The key feature here is AirVPN’s ability to route web traffic via TCP port 443. This is the conventional SSL port used by secure web data. By routing all of your traffic through port 443, AirVPN can shield it effectively from most censorship measures, including Deep Packet Inspection . This feature is called Stealth VPN of Obfuscated servers by other providers. It’s slightly harder to set up AirVPN for iOS than it is for Android, PC, or Mac.

They provide a kill switch so that if the VPN disconnect for any reason, your activities will not be exposed. This makes Air VPN better than some other VPN industries that do not feature a kill switch. The kill switch is increasingly is airvpn safe being featured in VPNs to keep users privacy intact in those emergency situations when the VPN looses connection. It is an important feature which every VPN focused on giving users optimal anonymity and privacy should have.

The AirVPN network is modest, with 245 P2P-friendly servers in 22 countries. The company is unusually transparent about these, though, with a status page which lists their current load, and low-level details like the top 10 users’ speeds and session traffic. I’ve used many of the prominent names in VPN services and I found the best overall solution was AirVPN. I am on the Brave browser in Linux Ubuntu and not having a Linux specific client eliminates many choices. I had connection problems, some services not allowing easy server selection, dropped connections, slow connections, expensive connections, problems with media displaying and so on. AirVPN has a VPN server listing screen, with stars indicating the quality of the connection, based either on speed or latency. This may be due to unavailability of good servers, or else a bug in the display of the stars.

Their support for only the OpenVPN protocol will turn off user who would need alternative protocols in some circumstances. Their location in a fourteen-Eyes country would be counted a con by many users, but the strict no-log policy of Air VPN greatly reduce the inherent risks of their location. The forum is full of information; admittedly, a beginner might perceive some of the information as complicated and might not be able to understand it all. However, users can use the functional email support service to reach the service for quick and specific solutions. AirVPN has 219 servers in 20 countries around the world.

The Bitcoin payments are handled by CoinBase and they also allow for a whole other list of cryptocurrencies that are handled by Coin Payments. They also offer a ton of alternative payment gateways, the most I have ever seen in fact. AirVPN truly cares about your privacy and security when it comes to payments. AirVPN is an Italian based VPN company that is one of the best when it comes to privacy and anonymity. This service was designed and built by hackers, activists, and hacktivists to make sure that the system is locked tight with all the appropriate features available.

All speed tests were performed on a UK broadband connection of 50MBPS/12MBPS. However, AirVPN has a DNS double-hop feature that allows connections to be directed through internal servers, is airvpn safe unblocking any websites in the process – very clever indeed. This also means that you can connect to the US Netflix even if you’re not in the country’s servers, which is pretty cool.

They offer near-complete anonymity if you set up your setting right and collect no logs that can be used to identify you or your IP, despite the fact they are an EU-based service. There is no sign of live chat which is something that would be much appreciated but there is a ticket system and a support section with FAQs. They also have a community forum for users to ask other users VPN related questions. Overall, the customer service is a little slim and there is no mention of 24/7 support. The area that AirVPN is probably lacking is the service department. The service has hundreds of servers but they are not as dispersed as some of the other larger companies like ExpressVPN.

Nonetheless, the standard method of connecting to a server in the US works just fine. As for P2P, the network allows it which is great for all the torrents among you. Combine that with their security features and you’ve got a solid network to exchange files on. The service has servers in 18 countries, strictly uses OpenVPN, doesn’t keep logs and allows P2P. They are also one of the few services that allow for true anonymity via Tor. While there are some decent features like support for P2P sharing and a flexible choice of payment plans, it may not be quite enough to sway most users.

If you’re looking for something cheap and short-term, and don’t mind the hassles of switching connection from time to time, it’s not a bad option. I’ve only ever used Air and Nord in the past, and when my subscription is up I’ll definitely be paying the extra money for Nord. I wanted to support a smaller company that probably cares more for your privacy, but the service unfortunately just isn’t good enough. with a thread keeping users up to date on which servers are working with the streaming service. Out of the 78 VPN services that we’ve reviewed, we rank AirVPN #39 in terms of speed.

Today, if you’re not looking at the top of the VPN-chain, it can get really difficult to find a VPN provider that would have working Netflix servers and would also support torrenting. Both of these features are usually heavily repressed due to legal reasons. Unfortunately, the server network is not that extensive. If you want to get into the streaming services of TV stations and video delivery services back home, you need to be able to select a server in that country. As AirVPN only has a server presence in 18 countries, you might be disappointed. Surprisingly, even though this company is run from Italy, the VPN does not offer an Italian server. This shows that AirVPN is not one of those VPN services that can improve poor internet connections.

It ticks all the essential boxes that qualify it as an extraordinary VPN service such as unblocking Netflix, a stable Chinese server plus much more. These problems included speed throttling as well as frequent disconnections. The set of instructions are written in a user-friendly manner and makes is airvpn safe it easy for users to optimize the service and select the best servers to maximize their torrenting experience. AirVPN offers 240+ servers spread across 20+ countries. Impressively, the service specifies on its pages about which ones are best for torrenting or which ones provide the best speeds.

More IP servers means more and better privacy and more locations means more and better access to content. The client is automatically configured, connecting to a recommended server. You can also connect to any available server of your choice with the servers and countries tabs.

In fact, you had to manually tell it to disconnect and then wait for it, and then reconnect again. For netflix, you really should try vpn.ac, it just work always. but keep in mind last time their support was quite c0cky. Additionally, the buttons on the right side are useful. You can whitelist servers, which is useful if you want to limit your connections to only the whitelisted servers. Another good point about security—well, more so transparency, but it’s related—is that AirVPN keeps a list of all servers publicly available on its website. I’ve read a lot of the reviews here at Vpnpro and AirVPN is one that stands out as a potentially good one.

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The EU keeps trying to enforce a data disclosure standard across Europe. Fortunately, the EU’s own data privacy rights usually strike these attempts down. However, this means that the requirements for traceability on the internet, and activity logging by digital service providers, tend to rise and fall inside the EU. Some countries, such as Romania, have very strong civil rights legislation, which immediately quashes any government attempts at implementing EU directives on data disclosure.