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The alt hierarchy on Usenet, the tree of newsgroups created by customers with no formal vote and approval process. There is a myth, not completely implausible, that alt is acronymic for “anarchists, lunatics, and terrorists”; but in reality it’s merely brief for “different”. A class of subtle programming errors that can arise in code that does dynamic allocation, esp. by way of malloc or equal. Avoidable by use of allocation strategies that never alias allocated core, or by use of upper-stage languages, corresponding to LISP, which make use of a rubbish collector (see GC). Also referred to as a stale pointer bug.

[widespread] A one who is religiously attached to a particular laptop, language, operating system, editor, or other tool (see spiritual points). Usually discovered with a specifier; thus, `cray bigot’, `ITS bigot’, `APL bigot’, `VMS bigot’, `Berkeley bigot’. Real bigots could be distinguished from mere partisans or zealots by the fact https://cex.io/ that they refuse to be taught options even when the march of time and/or technology is threatening to obsolete the favored tool. It is truly stated “You can inform a bigot, but you possibly can’t inform him a lot.” Compare weenie, Amiga Persecution Complex.

The alt shift key on an IBM PC or clone keyboard; see bucky bits, sense 2 (although typical PC utilization doesn’t simply set the 0200 bit). The `possibility’ key on a Macintosh; use of this term normally reveals that the speaker hacked PCs earlier than coming to the Mac (see additionally teco zap cap reviews feature key, which is typically incorrectly known as `alt’). [PDP-10; typically capitalized to ALT] Alternate name for the ASCII ESC character (ASCII ), after the keycap labeling on some older terminals; also `altmode’ (/awlt’mohd/).

And having done this once, he was then able to recompile the compiler from the unique sources; the hack perpetuated itself invisibly, leaving the again door in place and lively however teco zap cap reviews with no trace in the sources. [widespread] Abbreviation for “Babylon 5”, a science-fiction TV collection as revered among hackers as was the unique Star Trek.

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If several words are to get replaced, blurgle may well be doubled or tripled. “To look for one thing in several files use `grep string blurgle blurgle’.” In each %keywords% case, “blurgle blurgle” can be understood to get replaced by the file you wished to go looking. Compare mumble, sense 7.

  • The mutant cousin of TOPS-10 used on a handful of methods at SAIL up to 1990.
  • Overuse of phrases from this lexicon is often a sign of the wannabeenature.
  • There was never an `official’ expansion of WAITS (the name itself having been arrived at by a somewhat sideways course of), but it was regularly glossed as `West-coast Alternative to ITS’.
  • Used of an individual who is in or could be entering larval stage, it is semi-approving; such wannabees may be annoying but most hackers remember that they, too, were once such creatures.
  • Though WAITS was less visible than ITS, there was frequent trade of individuals and concepts between the 2 communities, and innovations pioneered at WAITS exerted enormous indirect affect.
  • When used of any professional programmer, CS educational, author, or suit, it is derogatory, implying that mentioned person is making an attempt to cuddle as much as the hacker mystique but would not, fundamentally, have a prayer of understanding what it is all about.

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“We’re blocking until everyone gets right here.” Compare busy-wait. To block, ready %keywords% for (something). “Lunch is blocked on Phil’s arrival.”

The technical meaning is `degree transitions per second’; this coincides with bps only for two-level modulation with no framing or stop bits. Most hackers are conscious of those nuances however blithely ignore them. Many hackers routinely grasp https://www.binance.com/ quite a few devices such as pagers, cell-phones, private organizers, leatherman multitools, pocket knives, flashlights, walkie-talkies, even miniature computers from their belts.

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[allegedly from a World War II navy time period meaning “ten pounds of manure in a five-pound bag”] 1. An intractable drawback. A essential piece of hardware that may’t be fastened or changed if it breaks. A tool that has been hacked over by so many incompetent programmers that it has become an unmaintainable tissue of hacks.

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MS-DOS machines are inclined to get locked up on this scenario. By the early Nineteen Eighties `bogus’ was additionally current in one thing like hacker utilization sense in West Coast teen slang, and it had gone mainstream by 1985. A correspondent from Cambridge reviews, against this, that these uses https://cryptolisting.org/coin/zap of `bogus’ grate on British nerves; in Britain the word means, somewhat particularly, `counterfeit’, as in “a bogus 10-pound note”. To make or turn out to be bogus. A program that has been modified so many instances as to turn out to be completely disorganized has turn out to be bogotified.