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Researchers are unsure why some people develop skin tags and others do not. Anyone with a painful or bleeding skin tag should speak to a doctor.

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"Hemp oil can actually balance out oil production and reduce acne. It’s also a lightweight oil and can be used for sensitive skin as well." Apart from directly helping with symptoms associated to many skin conditions, CBD oil also helps to promote healthy skin cell growth. If your pup has a skin condition, it may be related to skin tags being raised on the outer layer of the subcutaneous layer.

True skin tags are harmless and can be easily removed in a doctor’s office. Even if the growth is definitely a skin tag, home removal is dangerous. A severe skin infection can cause scarring or spread to other parts of the body. Growths that look like skin tags on the genitals may actually be genital warts.

A doctor may also test for HPV, particularly if there is a large group of skin tags near the genitals. Dermatologists can usually diagnose skin tags with a quick visual examination. When skin tags look unusual — such as when they are very large or dark — it may be necessary to take a sample to test in a lab. Friction from underwear or other clothing can irritate skin tags in this area, and may even be a risk factor for developing them.

Doctors are unsure what causes skin tags, although they seem to run in families. They are made of loose fibers of collagen, which is a protein that helps make up the skin. In this article, we list the possible causes of vaginal skin tags and how people can get rid of them.

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